Vision Care

The ZEISS lens product portfolio offers a variety of different product solutions. No matter what vision problem wearers are facing, they can be sure to find the right offering for their needs within the ZEISS portfolio regardless of whether they need thin lenses, light lenses, or correction for special distances. ZEISS always has the right product solution.

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NEW ZEISS MyoCare Lenses

Our first age-related myopia management portfolio with lens designs aimed to slow down the progression of myopia.

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NEW ZEISS SmartLife Young Lenses

ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses specially designed to meet the changing needs of children and teenagers.

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NEW ZEISS ClearView Single Vision Lenses

Offer excellent vision clarity from the lens centre to the periphery, in a lens that is flatter, thinner and more attractive-looking than conventional lenses.

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NEW ZEISS DuraVision Chrome Coating

DuraVision® Chrome UV offers glare reduction, easy cleaning and scratch resistance in a conventional green hue reflex color.

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NEW ZEISS PhotoFusion X

ZEISS introduces the next generation of Photocromic lenses. ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses darken and clear faster while providing a new level of integrated blue light and UV protection.

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The latest generation of blue light protection for more visual comfort and aesthetics.

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ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses

Are designed to meet the vision needs of people with presbyopia with a connected and on-the-move lifestyle.

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ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision Lenses

Are designed for sharp vision in all distances, especially when lowering the gaze while focusing on near objects.

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ZEISS SmartLife Digital Lenses

Suitable for customers who have to switch between online and offline often. They may start to experience eye strain or notice eye fatigue at the end of the day. The lenses incorporate ZEISS SmartView Technology, based on applied research of today’s lifestyle, visual behaviour, and age-related visual needs.

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ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

For excellent wearer comfort and greater safety on the road.ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are optimised specially for driving. These lenses help you enjoy better vision at night or in difficult weather conditions, protect your eyes from reflections and make it easier for you to shift your viewing focus – quickly and often. The optimum extra safety feature from your everyday pair of glasses.

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ZEISS Office Lenses

ZEISS Office Lenses offer clear and relaxed vision from near reading distances to an intermediate range. It’s an excellent choice for customers who spend many hours in front of screens.

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ZEISS Energize Me Lenses

ZEISS EnergizeMe spectacle lenses are the first lenses to be specially designed for the needs of contact lens wearers. The complete spectacle lens solution features an innovative lens design tailored to the visual behavior of contact lens wearers with a technology and lens coating optimized for your needs in the digital world. Treat your eyes with the only lenses for contact lens wearers.

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ZEISS Active Sport Lenses

Unlimited vision to match all your customers' outdoor activities and challenges.

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ZEISS AdaptiveSun

Designed to automatically adjust their colour intensity depending on UV exposure, giving full UV protection and convenience. It is available in several fashionable tints that provide protection in low to high light intensity.

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ZEISS Mirror Lenses

ZEISS DuraVision Mirror Coatings, are now available in 5 flash mirrors which have lower reflections and 8 standard mirrors. Customize lenses with white, jade, amber, sapphire and ruby flash mirror coatings in addition to our standard mirror coatings in red, green, blue, strong blue, silver, gold, bronze and cool blue.

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ZEISS Snow Goggles

Specially developed for alpine winter sports. ZEISS Snow Goggles effectively protect your eyes from the snow, rain and wind as well as UV-A and UV-B radiation in high mountain regions. Enjoy fashionable protection and great vision under all weather conditions.

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